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Research shows that women are adept at developing investment strategies. Women often manage family budgets and know how to formulate a plan for fiscal success. This is a vital skill for a woman who must make independent financial decisions at any stage of life: single, divorced, widowed, and possibly children to be concerned about too. A financial advisor provides you with the wealth management tools to work toward your objectives.

You Have the Power

Confidence in your decision-making ability is an important aspect of investing. With sound financial advice, you will learn the 3C’s:

    • Ann Slechta at Slate Wealth Management will start with gaining clarity of what matters most to you
    • Next Ann will work on building confidence in you so that she can work to pursue your goals that you have set to achieve
    • Lastly, courage to live the life you have always envisioned. Women investors focus on smart money moves to guide their planning goals

An Experienced Partner

Ann Slechta, CEO and Founder of Slate Wealth Management understands the art of juggling many hats as it relates to growing a business, managing a house, raising a family, and giving back to the community.  Let Ann lead you to building wealth and pursuing the life you envision and deserve.

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