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What makes us different?

Here’s our Process

Using our Slate Wealth FORMulaTM, we identify what is most important to you, focusing on your Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money (FORM).

The money is where we come in; it is our goal to help you build confidence in your financial future so that you can pursue your goals with clarity.

Our FORMulaTM focuses on four defining steps:

Step 1 Discovery
We want to discover what’s most important to you.

Step 2 Design
Next, we will design a financial plan that aligns with your goals and provide recommendations for products and services that fit your needs. We will also identify any gaps in your plan that may get in the way of pursuing and achieving your goals.

Step 3 Delivery
We will always explain the implications of all recommended financial planning strategies and gladly answer any questions you may have. Once you decide which recommendations you’d like to move forward with, we begin implementing your plan.

Step 4 Development
We will regularly monitor and measure the progress of your goals as we develop your plan. This will allow us to carefully assess your investment risk so that we can adjust or change your goals and plan as needed. You can expect ongoing communication throughout the entire process.

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