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Retirement planning is one of the most important decisions you will make for your future. To achieve your objectives, it is important to develop a long-term strategy for savings and investments as early in life as possible. An LPL Financial Advisor will walk you through the steps to pursue your goals, so you can enjoy your retirement years.

Define Your Strategy

Slate Wealth Management will base your retirement plans on your income, investments and future needs. Here are some important areas to include in a strategic plan:

  • Income requirements
  • Age you will retire
  • Asset risks and returns
  • Career earnings
  • Savings plans
  • Investment opportunities

Life needs do change, so pre-planning your retirement allows you to make necessary adjustments when the time comes.

Determine Your Desires

Life is not just about paying bills and having only enough income to get by. You will want to be able to relax and enjoy a well-earned retirement. Here are some good questions to consider:

  • Do you want to travel?
  • Will you buy a different residence?
  • How do you define a comfortable life?
  • How can I retire well and leave an inheritance?

Start making a list of items that are important to you so you can have fun but be prepared for what life may bring.

Get an Investment Manager

Slate Wealth Management has the knowledge and experience to help guide your wealth and retirement decisions. Contact us for the financial advice you deserve.

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