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Our Partnership With You


Slate Wealth Management is an independent Financial Services firm started by Ann Slechta who had a desire to establish a women-owned business within the financial services industry, serving an often-overlooked segment of the population, women.

Although Ann started this business with women in mind, she assists a variety of clients, many of whom are busy professionals, small business owners, and farm families who have a wide range of goals they aspire to work toward.

We understand that many people want a work-optional lifestyle and have specific bucket-list items they want to accomplish. We provide comprehensive financial planning in the context of a long-term partnership that allows you to think about these things in detail.

Financial planning is an ongoing process of preparing for and reacting to critical life and financial events that happen along the way. When these things happen, we want to be by your side helping you through; whether that be with financial guidance or emotional support. We truly care. The issues are clients bring to us can be as diverse as planning for retirement, selling a business, receiving an inheritance, buying a lake house or cabin, or proactively planning to leave a legacy. Our resources and experience help you to prepare for such events.

Another reason Slate Wealth Management stands out is that we are not tied to any proprietary family of funds, investment, or insurance products. That means that we have options; whether you need help with retirement planning, a tax situation, estate planning, or managing assets at multiple firms, we have the freedom to choose from a wide range of investment options. This provides us the opportunity to tailor our advice and actions, based on what is suitable for you.