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Investment Planning

The goal for all investments is to make money, but there is an art to knowing when to buy and when to sell. Understanding the market takes time and experience, and developing a solid portfolio is key to avoiding the common pitfalls in investing.

Investment planning is imperative in creating your portfolio. Your LPL Financial Advisor at Slate Wealth Management works with you to determine your risk tolerance and your short- and long-term financial goals. Using these factors, they will devise a strategy, given your available resources, to address your goals without compromising your current quality of life.

Investment Planning With Slate Wealth Management

Safer investments work toward steady gains over a longer time frame. Riskier options require a more astute understanding of buying and selling techniques. These have the potential to make money quicker, but they also come with the risk of financial losses.

We work with you to determine your individualized strategy and to choose your specific investments. Your Slate Wealth Management financial consultant monitors your portfolio for growth and helps you redesign it when necessary.

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